If you’re interested in a custom work of art, I am happy to work with you. Incorporating your requests with my vision is an exciting, fun project for me. To begin, please contact me by email including as much information as possible and we can begin our dialogue.

One step in the process is scheduling a photo shoot to capture images of the subject matter. Depending on where you are, there may be additional travel & expense costs – this will be covered in our initial conversation.

Costs will vary depending on your location and the final configuration of the commissioned work of art. The minimum charge is $1500.

The Process

After I receive your initial request via email, we’ll schedule a specific day & time to speak. I have a comprehensive list of questions to ask you and this is also an opportunity for you to ask questions regarding the project & process. Please schedule one hour for this call – it may take less time but sometimes the allocated hour flies by.

I will follow-up in writing with a summary of what was agreed upon, including financial details & delivery information. After your review, signature & receipt of a non-refundable deposit ($500), the project will officially begin.

Once the photo session is complete, I will create a conceptual proof for your review & acceptance. This typically takes 2 weeks.

Upon sign-off on the proof, I will begin work on the final work of art – this is the part I love!

Final payment is due prior to shipment.